All the parents are requested to update their contact numbers with the College Office.


Your wards will not be allowed into the college premises, if he/she comes without College ID Card. If it is lost, they can avail a duplicate ID card from the office by paying Rs. 200/- .


Condonation of attendance between 65% & 75% will be considered only on the valid medical grounds based on the decision of the College Academic Committee of the college. In no case a student can claim it as a right.


Students are prohibited to carry the cell phones during class hours. If your ward is found to possess cell phone, it would be seized and also the student will be suspended for THREE days based on severity of the issue.


Ragging is a cognizable and punishable offence.

If any student is found indulging in ragging, he/she would be dealt with severely as per the existing Government orders.

If any student against whom there is prima facie evidence of Ragging in any form, would be suspended from the college and a complaint is lodged against him/her as per the Government rules.


  • Students can borrow books from Library against cards issued on their name only.
  • The books shall invariably be renewed after the due date, if the student desires to possess the books for another further period he/she must renew the book. If the renewal is not done on or before the due date, suitable fine will be imposed.
  • The renewal will be done only if there is no reservation from any other student against such book.
  • At the end of the semester, the student shall compulsorily return all the books issued to him/her, preferably on the last day of the examination, failing which appropriate fine will be imposed as per the existing library rules.


GIET (Autonomous) is known for the exemplary discipline among the students. GIET (A) believes that without good discipline it would not be possible to win academic laurels.

  • Any student found indulging in ragging (any kind of physical or mental harassment) will be EXPELLED from the College and could be handed over to police
    (Penalty: 2 years imprisonment as per Government rules).
  • Students indulging in eve-teasing will be expelled.
  • SMOKING AND DRINKING is prohibited inside the campus / Hostels.
  • Any student involved in any form of indisciplinary activities will not be allowed for CAMPUS RECRUITMENT process.
  • Cleanliness of the campus is important. Students should throw the garbage only in the dust-bins provided and should not spit on the walls and floor (anywhere in the campus premises). Students responsible for loss of damage of the institute property will be severely punished.
  • It is mandatory for the students and the staff using two wheelers to wear Helmets [including pillion rider].
  • Students are required to maintain not only good academic progress but also high discipline in the campus.

It is the responsibility of the students:

  • To maintain the campus eco-friendly.
  • To maintain decent dress code.
  • Not to deface or write anything on the walls / furniture.
  • Not to sit on the parapet walls and flight of steps.
  • To be punctual for all theory and laboratory classes as well as for guest lectures and meetings.
  • To stay till the end of the Meetings or Seminars.
  • To give due respect to prayer song, national anthem, faculty, staff and other elders.
  • To extend good hospitality during programmes.
  • To maintain a cordial relationship with others especially maintaining harmony in a multicultural environment.
  • To conserve energy by switching off fans and lights when not in use.


  • All the students should maintain minimum of 75% attendance and above.
  • Leave of Absence due to
    - sickness,
    - attending family functions,
    - participation, paper presentation in conferences / symposia / seminars / workshops
    - participation in cultural and sports events and NSS activity should not exceed 10 % of the classes held.
  • A minimum of 75% attendance is necessary to write the University Examinations..
  • No student with less than 65% attendance will be permitted to write the University Examinations for any reason.
  • Students with less than 65% attendance in a semester will be detained and have to Re-register in the next academic year.

    Laboratory sessions are given utmost importance at GIET(A). All the students are expected to be regular and learn the practical aspects of the subject and develop the necessary skills to become professionals.

    In order to facilitate interaction among the students and develop team spirit, the students are expected to carry out experiments in groups. The students should come prepared for each laboratory class. The students are expected to:

    • Read and understand the theory behind the experiment in advance
    • Come to the lab in time with prescribed Dress Code for the lab and
    • Bring the observation note book

    The variables in the experiment might be given differently for different batches and hence it is expected that the students should complete all aspects of experiment before leaving the lab. The record of the experiment written neatly in the laboratory record should be submitted in the subsequent class which will be evaluated by the faculty on the same day and returned to the students. Students who have not submitted their records and those who come late to the lab class will lose their attendance. The students are expected to adhere to the safety precautions prescribed for the lab. In case of any breakage of equipment due to carelessness of the students, the students concerned will be fined. Any malpractice done by the students will result in disciplinary action.

    All the experiments in the laboratories are updated and obsolete ones are removed regularly. The students are expected to keep pace with the technological developments and equip themselves with the latest in the field. Each student is expected to learn the experiments and train himself / herself to do the experiment individually during examination.


    Qualified faculty members assigned with various theory subjects prepare course plans using the standard format provided by the institute with emphasis on 'learning' of the students. The instructional or lecture delivery of the faculty will be through a set of Educational Technology / Tools opted by the faculty. The lectures lay emphasis on the following:

    • Knowledge content (topics in the curriculum)
    • Utility value - application in real life
    • Latest developments

    The classroom sessions will be interactive and will encourage the students to think independently and inspire their creativity. The faculty will ensure that the students in the class have assimilated the content projected. High level of discipline shall be maintained in the classroom. The faculty members are empowered to curb any disturbance and ensure that the time is used fruitfully. To this effect, students are expected to maintain decorum and refrain from causing any disturbance in the classroom. Cell phones are prohibited during class work. As such, students are advised not to carry cell phones to the classrooms and laboratories. Classroom instructions may be supplemented by students' presentations and / or guest lectures by external/internal experts. Attendance will be taken by the faculty concerned at the beginning of each session. All the classes will begin on time and the students coming late will not be given attendance.