GIET provides separate boarding facilities for boys and girls. The two hostels on the campus are well-managed and maintained in a very well organized manner with dedicated staff and close surveillance. Spacious living rooms with attached bathrooms and neatly laid out sparkling tiled floors make sure on-campus stay truly comfortable. Spotless dining halls and kitchens conforming to stringent hygienic norms complement to assure the inmates a healthy and reassuring dining experience. The hostels also provide space and facilities for entertainment, fitness and pursuit of personal hobbies.


Location Room Type Rooms Capacity Strength
Men Hostel
MA Block
MA1 – MA14 Seater21484
MA2 – MA24 Seater21484
MAG – MAG4 Seater17468
Total 59 236
MB1 – MB13 Seater23369
MB2 – MB23 Seater22366
MB3 – MB33 Seater15345
MBG – MBG3 Seater15345
Total 83 249
MC1 – MC14 Seater20480
MCG – MCG4 Seater20480
Total 40 160
Women Hostel
WA1 – WA14 Seater19476
WA2 – WA24 Seater21484
WA3 – WA34 Seater6424
WAG – WAG4 Seater17468
Total 63 252
WB1 – WB13 Seater11333
WBP – WBP4 Seater3412
Total 14 45
Final Total 259 942


Menu At Hostel


White Rice, Brinjal Curry, Lentil Soup, Sambhar, Dhal, Ghobhi Pickle, Cilantro Pickle, Ghobhi curry, Cabbage Fry , Bhendi Fry, Carrot Fry, Beetroot Fry, Curd , Beans Curry, French Cut Beans Fry, Drum Sticks curry, Lemon Rice, Veg Fried Rice, Veg Biryani , Potato Curry.

North Indian Thali

Roti, Pulka, Raitha, Dhal, Paneer Curry, Chana Curry, Aloo Curry, Bhendi Masala, Mushroom curry, Aloo fry, Curd.

Non Veg

Egg Bhurji, Chicken Curry, Chicken Fry, Chicken Tandoori, Fish Fry, Boiled Egg, Mutton Curry, Egg Omelette .

Break Fast

Idly, Dosa, Masala Dosa, Vada, Puri , Chapati, Upma, Parota, Toasted Bread with Jam and Butter, Tea, Coffee, Milk, Juice.


Samosa, Paav Bhaji, Pakodi, Biscuits, Tea, Coffee, Juice, Milk.