Controllers of Examinations

The standards of an ideal educational institution are measured on the basis of quality of education and performance evaluation of its students. 

It may consist of a series of leading steps taken for promoting the students to higher levels of intelligence, memory, understanding and attitude.

Examinations contribute a lot in this regard.

The objectives of the Controller of Examinations are to run a good examination system and to execute a secure evaluation and assessment process.

Examination Section of Godavari Institute of Engineering and Technology (A) has the finest record of conducting the examinations transparently and carrying out evaluations in an unbiased manner.

Processing of the question papers etc. are carried out most confidentially while the examination and evaluation systems are maintained transparent.

Highly secure software is used for maintaining student’s data, record of internal and external marks, collecting examination fees online and for other examination related work.

The Examinations section of the institute is working with a mission to administer the evaluation system that allows demonstration of the candidate’s learning fairly and fully, following a vision to create a stakeholder friendly examination environment.

We strive to incorporate integrity, responsiveness, responsibility and commitment in all our activities.