Foreign Collaboration

GIET’s alliance with the above four overseas Universities signifies a dynamic and meaningful interaction aimed at academic excellence. The partnerships help build on exciting synergies to enhance the resources and opportunities available to the partner institutions for innovative teaching, learning and research.

Students of Chaitanya Group can pursue integrated MS Program (2+3 & I + I year) and B. Engineering in Cutting Edge Technologies (2+2 & 3 + I year) It is a step forward that is truly significant in more ways than one.

The institutions have signed MoUs with Foreign Universities of UK, USA and Canada for faculty I student exchange programs, dual degree programs and for joint research.

As part of our MoU for dual degree Program, the students can pursue their lath four semesters of their degree and followed by Masters in the below mentioned Universities. Degrees will be awarded by the respective Universities.

For these exchange programs students can contact our office of International Affairs or Administrative Office.